About Kellie

Kellie Ann Williams is the Founder, Career Coach and Strategist for My Career Strategy.

Kellie has built a solid career in the area of human resources (HR) over the last 16 years and has worked in the private, non-profit and public sectors across a diverse range of industries including business enterprise; manufacturing; tertiary education; roads and transport; natural resources; human services; recruitment; air freight; gas and oil. In addition to her career in HR she has worked in the area of career education and management, an area that she is truly passionate about after having worked for an Australian university coaching, educating and mentoring students and graduates in the areas of career planning, job search strategy and employment preparation. 

Recruitment is another area of her passion and expertise and one that she has extensive experience in, having worked on many recruitment panels as a HR practitioner throughout her career. She has developed and utilised many recruitment and selection methodologies, tools and techniques to screen candidates and to shortlist those with the experience, skills and qualities sort by hiring managers as the best candidates for their job vacancy.  She has recruited for a diverse range of roles including graduates, trainees, administration, customer service, information technology, marketing, communication, finance and insurance, sales, human resources, recruitment, project management and management. She has also worked with prospective university students educating them in effective career planning, choosing the right course of study to pursue a particular career path as well as coaching graduates in employment preparation strategies (resume and cover letter writing, selection criteria and interview preparation skills). She now wants to capitalise on her background in human resources, recruitment and career education and development to assist her own clients to help them develop and manage their career in today's unpredictable and challenging world of work. 

She is passionate about supporting and empowering women in their careers and strongly believes that being strategic and proactive in how you approach and manage your career today is essential for developing and building a sustainable and successful career.

Kellie is committed to her own professional development in both HR and career education and development and holds qualifications which include a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management and Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development. She continues to develop her knowledge, skills and expertise in her profession to ensure that the products and services she delivers to her clients are the latest in industry developments and meet best practice within her various disciplines. To ensure this Kellie maintains professional memberships with the Career Directors International (CDI), Career Development Association Australia (CDAA) and Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).


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