About MCS

My Career Strategy is a career development and management consultancy that was created by Founder, Career Coach and Strategist Kellie Ann Williams.

‘Our aim is to deliver career development and management services to inspire, empower and encourage women to unleash their true potential, pursue their career goals and aspirations with confidence and achieve long term career success’

We are in the midst of significant and revolutionary changes, with the world of work evolving into a new playing field, regulated by a new set of rules that requires a different mindset and strategy in the way one approaches their career.  Standing out from the crowd and outshining competitors is no longer just something you do in the job search with ongoing career planning, development, self marketing and promotion more important than ever to grow, develop and maintain a successful career.

Our focus is on women in support of the campaign for gender parity, because whilst Australia has made some progress, the opportunities and choices for women and girls are still limited by inequalities and discrimination in the workplace. Women are still underrepresented in leadership roles, still continue to experience discrimination in the workplace due to their parental obligations (pregnancy, taking maternity leave and in their return to the workplace) and are still earning less than that earned by the average male. Our services are about empowering, inspiring and encouraging women to pursue their career goals, aspirations and ambitions, support and assist them in overcoming the challenges and barriers they maybe facing and enable them to reach their full potential.

Whether they are a career focussed professional, a mum returning to the workforce, a student, new graduate or senior executive we provide services to meet the needs of all women whatever stage they are in their career.

Our services include:

  • Career coaching and counselling;
  • Career planning and development strategies;
  • Job search strategies (Strategic resumes, cover letters and selection criteria)
  • Personal branding strategies (professional bios and professional profile development on social media platforms such as Linked-In, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Interview preparation and performance coaching
  • Career planning and development, job search strategy, personal branding and employment preparation workshops (coming soon)  



Pass through each stage of your career with attention