Career Coaching & Counselling

Through our career counselling in Brisbane, our highly trained and certified coaches connect with your core values and strengths which will help you to light a spark in your career. We also employ an action-oriented process and provide constructive feedback to help you with years of assumptions, limiting beliefs and interpretations which always get in your way to further your career. 

Our career coaching in Brisbane and counselling service is aimed to support and assist women who may be at a crossroads in their career or facing difficult or challenging situations and in need of some support and guidance to find the best strategy or solution to enable them to move forward.

The value and benefits of working with a career coach are many and varied for each client based on their individual career needs. But ultimately working with a career coach can help you to: 

  • Gain clarity and get a clearer perspective of your career goals and aspirations;
  • Choose the right program or course of study to pursue a particular occupation;
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your true potential;
  • Find the right solution to resolve and overcome career related challenges, issues and problems whether they are in relation to your job or workplace;
  • Make informed career decisions through effective career planning, development and management strategies;
  • Pursue a career path that aligns with your personality, values, career needs, talents, skills and capabilities;
  • Increase your confidence, motivation and drive to pursue your career goals; 
  • Achieve your career goals and aspirations through goal setting and action planning.

Our coach will help you to facilitate ad explore professional options which might not be on top of your mind right now.

This service involves one on one consultations with our career coach and strategist and will vary based on the needs of each individual’s situation and their goals and objectives for career coaching in Brisbane. This service may include a combination of career coaching, counselling, personality and work style profiling, strengths and skills audits, vocational assessments, occupation exploration, education and study program planning, career pathway options, and career planning and action plan development.


Career coaching (1 hour session) 


Career coaching (1/2 hour follow up sessions) 


Career coaching (3 x 1 hour sessions)   


Career coaching  (6 x 1 hour sessions)  




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