My Job Search Strategy

Your job application, including cover letter, resume and Linked-In profile are THREE of the most important career marketing and communication tools in your job search strategy. In a fiercely competitive employment market where candidates are competing for jobs on a global scale, investing in a professionally written cover letter, resume and Linked-In profile could significantly increase your chances of being shortlisted to interview.

We not only know the tools, techniques and strategies utilised to shortlist high quality candidates in the recruitment process, but also the expertise in developing strategically targeted, powerfully written, personally branded, achievement based cover letters, resumes and social media profiles. Our job search strategy services include strategic resumes, cover letters and selection criteria as well as setting up professional profiles on social media career platforms such as Linked-In, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter!

Strategic Resumes and Cover Letters

Our strategic resume and cover letters communicate your unique value proposition, reflect your own personal brand and emphasise your signature strengths and key achievements. A highly visual resume that strategically positions you with the ‘X Factor’ for the specific job you are targeting leaving the recruiters and hiring managers wanting to learn more about your story and the value you could bring to the role. 

Our process involves you completing our client questionnaire before meeting with our career coach and strategist who will conduct an informational interview with you. The informational interview enables us to get to know you on a personal level and through our questioning techniques unearth your unique value proposition and key achievements. In addition,  we also utilise a 360 Feedback Personal Branding tool that will uncover your unique personal attributes, work style and signature strengths.

The added benefit of this process is that you will also be preparing yourself for future job interviews. We are committed to helping our clients shine and stand out from the crowd with our main goal to help you land an interview for your dream job!


Cover Letters

Strategic Resumes

School leavers, students & graduates
(less than 5 years work experience)



Early-Late Career
(5+ year’s work experience excluding technical and professional occupations)



Technical and professional roles
(team leaders, middle management and professional technical occupations)



Executive Management level
(Executives, General Managers, CEO level)



Additional versions




Selection Criteria

Do you struggle when it comes to applying for positions that ask you to respond to key selection criteria? Do you struggle trying to put your experience, skills and unique qualities on paper within a restricted page limit? Yes, there is a methodology behind developing an effective key selection criteria, yes we can help! We know the techniques and strategies used in developing  effective selection criteria responses for local, state and federal government positions. Requirements vary for each job application so contact us with your enquiry and request a quote.


Personal Branding on Social Media

Linked-In Profiles

Linked-In is the social media career platform that can help grow and progress your career. If you don’t have your professional profile on Linked-In yet then you could be disadvantaging your career in more ways than one!

Linked-In enables you to:

  • Showcase your personal brand,  talents, key strengths and career achievements;
  • Showcase your knowledge, skills and talents through publishing samples of your work (post articles, upload work samples, publish videos, podcasts etc);
  • Connect with industry and business networks, former managers, colleagues and clients;
  • Receive recommendations from those who can promote your skills and capabilities;
  • Search for potential job opportunities in your field;
  • Research and follow companies of interest (great for interview preparation); and
  • Boost everyday business activities such as generating client leads, optimising sales and promoting your business to your target audience.

We develop your professional profile (or review and revamp your existing) so that it showcases your career highlights, unique personal brand, signature strengths and career achievements. We also provide you with a short user guide with the essentials for effectively managing and utilising Linked-In to boost your career or business profile.

So if you haven’t signed up to Linked-In then let us help you launch your professional profile today!

School leavers/Graduates $150.00
Early-Late career $225.00
Professionals/Senior & Exec Management $250.00


Other Social Media Profiles

We also specialise in developing professional and business profile pages on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Contact us for a FREE quote!

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My Interview Strategy

Our career coach and strategist will work with you one on one to help you prepare and practice an interview process for the position you have been selected for interview.

  • Learn some tips of pre-interview preparation;
  • Learn how to make a good ‘first impression’ through building rapport with the employer and recruiters;
  • Learn how to build confidence, overcome your nerves and fears of interviews;
  • Learn about the most common interview questions and the best responses to them;
  • Learn how to prepare responses to behavioural style questions;
  • Practice your interview with our career coach and strategist in a mock style interview; and
  • Learn the tips and techniques that will help you be the outstanding applicant.


Initial coaching session (1 hour session) $150.00
Follow up session (half hour session) $95.00


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