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Linked In Profiles

Linked In is the social media career platform that can help develop and progress your career. If you don’t have your professional profile on Linked In yet then you could be disadvantaging your career in more ways than one!

Linked In enables you to:

  • Showcase your personal brand, areas of specialisation, key strengths and career achievements;
  • Showcase your knowledge, capabilities and skills by publishing samples of your work (post articles, upload work samples, publish videos, podcasts etc);
  • Connect with industry and business networks, former managers, colleagues and clients;
  • Receive recommendations and endorsements from current and former managers, work colleagues, clients and associates;
  • Search for and apply for potential job opportunities;
  • Increase your chances of being head-hunted by recruiters and hiring managers;
  • Research and follow companies of interest (great for interview preparation); and
  • Develop your knowledge and skills by undertaking online training in areas of interest through
  • Boost everyday business activities such as generating client leads, optimising sales and increase your network connections.

Let us develop your Linked In professional profile (or review and revamp your existing) so that it showcases your unique personal brand, signature strengths, career highlights and achievements. We also provide you with a short user guide with the essentials for effectively managing and utilising your Linked In profile to boost your career.

So if you haven’t yet signed up to Linked In then let us launch your professional profile today!

School leavers/Graduates $150.00
Mid career $225.00
Professionals/Senior & Exec Management $250.00

Other Social Media Profiles

We also specialise in developing business profile pages on social media platforms such as Linked In, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Contact us for a FREE quote!

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